Friday, 29 November 2013

What is the Fall Yakata Christmas Sale All About?

What is Yakata: It's a pidgin english adverb for finish; totally; utterly; completely. An example is: All the prices don fall yakata on

Fall Yakata Christmas Sale is the deal of all deals! How many of you have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, If you haven’t, these days are synonymous with massive prices slashes, and our own will be bringing the first Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sales to Nigeria.

The Sale is tagged; The “Fall Yakata” Christmas sale and will officially start on Black Friday Nov 29, 2013 at 9am, and end on Cyber Monday Dec 2, 2013.

Massive discounts will happen across numerous categories, from Makeup to Phones, to Fashion, to Home & Kitchen, etc. To make this deal even sweeter, Konga is giving FREE Nationwide Shipping on all purchases made from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (inclusive of items not on the Fall Yakata page).

If you have any questions about the sale you can find all your information on the sale page here. You can also jump on the hashtags #FallYakataSale and #BaddestSaleEverLiveth on twitter to get full information about the sale.

The biggest deals available in the fall Yakata sale will be the Sony Playstation 4 and the Techno Phantom A+ which will go for N60,000 and N19,000 sometime during the Fall Yakata Sale.

Remember to participate in the sale you need to visit

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