Friday, 27 June 2014

Join the #MobilizeYourTeam Challenge

How to Participate:
STEP 1: Register NOW at
You will receive a personalized link with which you can invite your friends and followers to join your team

STEP 2: Copy this link and share with your connections on facebook, twitter, instagram, via sms, email, whatsapp...however you can, really.

STEP 3: Anyone that clicks on your link and signs up, automatically gets on your team.

STEP 4: Get 100 people on your team before the 4th of July, and you stand a chance to qualify for the finale as one of our 50 finalists.

Manage Your Team
To check how many people have joined your team, go to and sign in with your Facebook account.

Click on ‘My Profile’, and you will see your team right there 

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