Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fatima And Hakeem Evicted From Big Brother Africa The Chase

Tonight Africa has bid farewell to Malawi’s Fatima and Zimbabwe's Hakeem from The Chase.

Tears and screams echoed in both Houses as the Hakeem and Fatima made an emotional exit from the Big Brother House.

Just a few moments after the hunky model, Hakeem learned that he had been put up for Eviction by HoH Melvin; he then learned that he is the latest Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

Fatima had a stern look on her face as she made her exit from the House. "No drama, no drama. It's not about you, chill out " she called out to her emotional country-mate Natasha as she walked away.

After managing to make it to the halfway mark without ever being on the Eviction Nominations list Fatima’s luck ran out this evening.

This week was the first time that the young TV presenter had been put on the Eviction chopping block. During the Nominations on Monday she managed to get the highest Nominations in the Ruby House because her fellow Housemates had enough of her ever changing moods.

During her stay in the Big Brother House Fatima has grown very close to Ghana’s Elikem. Their intimate friendship even lead to the Ghanaian fellow breaking up with his lady love Pokello.

Melvin was inconsolable and couldn't believe that Africa hadn't saved the Zimbabwean. "Forgive me father," he kept muttering. But Hakeem tenderly hugged his Nigerian buddy and the rest of the Diamonds before he kissed his girl Cleo goodbye and then joined IK and Fatima on stage.

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