Sunday, 25 August 2013

New Omo multi active detergent to enhance consumer experience

As part of its efforts to ensure good life and fulfilling consumer experience new Omo Multi Active detergent formulation ensures stains removal in one easy step and a refreshing aroma with its new fragrance. 
At an impressive launch event held in Lagos, Unilever reinstates its commitment to innovation; with this improvement the company believes the consumer experience will be a delight.
Speaking at the event, the Vice President Operations, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Anil Gopalan said:  “Our business initiatives are hinged on consumer satisfaction and innovation is the driving force in our quest to meet consumer expectations.  Innovation is what we know how to do best.  Omo as a brand has evolved through the years with our philosophy to make child development possible without limitations. With the new improved Omo Multi Active detergent we would continue to support parents reduce the challenge of fabric cleaning.
 He explained that Omo Multi Active detergent is also embracing a new thrust to promote PEACE in Nigeria. “Omo multi active detergent appreciates how kids learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems. Unilever, thus, urges people to stand up for peace”.
“Unilever products touch the lives of over 2 billion people every day.” He said. “Key to the Omo Multi Active detergent brand is our commitment to the Cleaner Planet Plan – a pledge supported by several of Unilever’s laundry brands, throughwhich we’re minimising our impact on the environment. We’ve also formulated our Omo Multi Active detergent brand to provide effective washing at low temperatures,saving energy, and saving you money.In line with Unilever’s commitment to meeting the needs of our consumers and its spirit of continuous improvement the Company launches its New Improved Omo Multi Active detergent, which delivers brilliant results in One Step.”
Brand Building Director, Unilever Nigeria, David Okeme said: “The new OMO Multi Active detergent contains Max Clean particles, which penetrates deeper to tackle even the most stubborn stains, to deliver the best results.”
“Over the years, Omo Multi Active detergent has been the detergent of choice for generations of Nigerian families,” noted the Brand Building Director
“We are proud of this special innovation in OMO Multi Active detergent’s history and will continue to enhance OMO Multi Active detergent’s cleaning capability through innovation, to ensure it consistently delivers the best results for now and the future,”he added.
Also speaking at the event, Category Manager, Fabric Cleaning, Unilever Nigeria, Nnena Osi-Anugwa, said “Omo Multi Active detergent is more of a way of life, encouraging children to develop and lets children have a peaceful environment.”
She noted that the new Omo Multi Active detergent has increased enzymes which make washing easier; there is also a new fragrance which stays on your cloth even after ironing
L-R: Brand Building Director, Unilever Nigeria, Mr. David Okeme; Category Manager, Fabric Cleaning, Mrs. Nnena Osi-Anugwa; and Vice President Operations, Mr. Anil Gopalan, at the relaunch of Omo Multi-Active detergent in Lagos at the weekend

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