Thursday, 22 August 2013

WIN N100k & Tecno Phantom A in Tecno Facebook Video Contest

It is no longer news that the Nigerian mobile phone industry has evolved from what used to be a non-competitive arena that had only a few brands dominate the hearts and hands of the average Nigerian. The once stigmatised Chinese owned company ‘Tecno Technologies’ has evidently grown from producing what used to be perceived as cheap and substandard  quality mobile phones to making premium quality gadgets available at pocket friendly prices. Hi-tech mobile devices and gadgets are no longer the exclusive preserve of the high and mighty as Tecno Technologies constantly provide a wide range of mobile devices suitable for communication, entertainment, internet and business purposes through Tecno Mobile.

To celebrate the milestone of recently hitting 100,000 Facebook fans with an impressive talkability of 15%, Tecno Mobile decided to launch the TECNO 100K FACEBOOK VIDEO CONTEST which is a platform to reward their ever loyal fans. To participate in this contest, users are expected to Think up a video concept expressing their love for Tecno Mobile, Record a video with a Tecno device, Upload the Video to your YouTube Channel, Log into the Tecno app and register your video for review. The submitted videos would be reviewed and the top 10 videos by quality would be manually selected.

These 10 videos are then uploaded to the 100k Milestone Video Voting app, where all Tecno users are encouraged to vote for their favorite videos. In the end, the top 3 videos would be selected and the owners are rewarded with (1st Prize: N100, 000; 1 Tecno Phantom A+ Smartphone; 1 Souvenir pack, 2nd Prize: 1 Tecno Phantom A+ Smartphone; 1 Souvenir pack, 3rd Prize: 1 Tecno Phantom A+ Smartphone). Also, the top 3 videos get uploaded to the official Tecno Telecom YouTube Channel and publicized across all social platforms.

Running side by side with the video contest is the Phantom A Quiz promo which consists of 50 trivia questions on the Tecno Phantom A, some easy and straightforward, others difficult and tricky. A total of 30 randomly selected questions are to be answered by users in 5 rounds, with increasing levels of difficulty, from level 1 to level 5. Levels 1 to 4 will have 5 questions each, and the final round (round 5) will have 10 questions. Each round has a countdown timer designed to put the participants on the edge. The allotted time per round decreases progressively after each level. Users can only take the Quiz once, and see their scores at the end of each level. Upon completing all levels, a user’s score is uploaded to the leader board. If successful, the participant stands to win our star prize, a Tecno Phantom A smartphone & 1 souvenir pack or our consolation prize, a souvenir pack consisting of several Tecno branded items.

So far, the participation in the contests has been very encouraging with thousands of people taking the Quiz and also sending in their recorded videos. The comments on Tecno’s social networking platforms show a keen sense of entitlement, which means the fans see the brand as a family body. As long as Tecno Mobile remains dedicated to merging organizational goals with consumer needs thereby creating a mutually beneficial relationship, they would remain a force to reckon with in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Tecno…Innovation Liberated! -

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