Friday, 18 April 2014


by Soni Akoji
I watched with dismay as President Goodluck Jonathan made a caricature of himself and brought the revered office of the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, to an all time low yesterday in Kano during a PDP Jamboree he personally attended 24 hours after the Abuja bomb explosion.

When it was time to deliver his 15 minutes speech, President Jonathan was pathetic. He left no one in doubt that he was a complete waste of space. He did not address cogent national issues and how he has made a difference in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

From the blast, he left no one in doubt that he has a personal score to settle with Governor Musa Kwankwaso. He alleged that since 2011, the Governor has collected over N255 billion from the Federation Account on behalf of local council. He asked the 44 Local Council Chairmen to challenge Kwankwaso to account for all the money he has received on their behalf to date.

Not done yet, he reacted to claim by Governor Kwankwaso who earlier on regretted voting for him in 2011. President Jonathan categorically stated that Kwankwaso did not vote for him in 2011 primary election. Jonathan said that when it became obvious that he was going to win the PDP presidential primary (s)election, Kwankwaso got angry and left the Eagle square midway to the end of the convention.

He accused Kwankwaso of stealing campaign funds and refusing to release money he collected for refreshments for Kano delegates. He further gave credence to popular truce that delegates to the convention were induced with monetary rewards when he accused Governor Kwankwaso of pocketing the money provided for logistic so as to facilitate the movement of Kano delegates to the venue of the convention.

President Jonathan said so many unprintable things about Governor Kwankwaso, who he mentioned 50 times in his 15 minutes speech.

He ended his speech by re-echoing the charge that the PDP will recapture Kano, Sokoto and Zamfara in 2015 general election in addition to retaining the states of Jigawa, Kaduna and Katsina which they presently control.

In the absence of any visible Federal Government project to showcase in Kano, President Goodluck Jonathan used the occasion to commission Ibrahim Shekarau who decamped from the APC to the PDP. Thereafter the Otuokean jetted out to Ibadan on a merry -go-round trip on taxpayers expense to attend an Owambe, commemorating the centenary of the Olubadan of Ibadan.

All these jamboree and Bolekaja junketing took place within 24 hours after the Nyanya bomb blast which killed 85 persons and injured over 200 in Abuja and the abduction of over 100 school girls writing the SSCE in Chibok, Borno state by Boko Haram in a state under emergency rule.

In the last line, President Goodluck Jonathan is proficient in playing the Ostrich game. He permanently has a bag of sand on his head to bury his head whenever he is in a terrain devoid of sand. His leadership style is not only pedestrian but delusional and leaves much to be desired. Psychologist should come up with a school of thought where “Gejaism” the leadership antecedents of Goodluck Jonathan will be studied and psychoanalysed as a model of misgovernance and criminal dereliction by the custodian of state powers. Unlike Nero, he does not only fiddles while Rome burn, he is in a permanent state of inebriation. No wonder he is notorious for policy somersault!

Goodluck Jonathan has reserved his place in the catacomb where relics and antiques of our nation’s post colonial tragedies shall be interred. Future generations surveying the museum of our post colonial atrocities shall marvel and wonder how such a gifted people allowed themselves to be brought to ruination by their worst species of Homo erectus.

In conclusion, I hereby dismiss the transactional government of Goodluck Jonathan as a tragedy of history. Vote him out in 2015, let him go and take his place in our museum of post colonial tragedies, for his place in the catacomb is reserved!

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