Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nigerian breweries presents, "Star The Winner Is"

"Star The Winner is” is the music talent game show that delivers an unbeatable combination of competitive singing duels, instant money, dramatic decisions and a big prize of N10 million and a brand new car.

Auditions are open to soloists with outstanding vocal talents where the best will be selected to participate in the TV show. Auditions will hold in 5 locations as follows: 

Audition Venue
Constantial Hotel, GRA, Benin
April 29, 2014
Golden Royale Hotel Hall, Enugu
May 1, 2014
Port Harcourt
Hotel Presidential, Por. Harcourt
May 3, 2014
Sheraton Hotel, Abuja
May 5, 2014
Aquatic Hotel, Toyin Street, Ikeja
May 7&8, 2014

First are the intense qualifying rounds where in each episode, 8 singers are judged by a jury of 100 music lovers and 1 music expert. The judges give points to the talents and the highest scoring contestants proceed to the next stage where they have the opportunity to walk away with instant cash prize or proceed to the final rounds.

Finalists in each of the qualifying rounds face each other in intense duels where contestants are either eliminated, walk away with the available cash or proceed in the competition and stand a chance of winning the big prize.
The final will feature the last 2 contestants in a duel that can win them the N10million naira and a brand new car. Both contestants will be offered the option of taking an available cash prize or wait for the jury’s result to reveal the winner of the big prize. A contestant’s decision to take the available cash means the other contestant is the winner of the big prize, both finalists may also take the available cash with no one winning the big cash prize. If none of the contestants takes the available cash, the jury result will reveal one of the contestants as the Winner.


The show will be broadcasted on major terrestrial and satellite stations

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