Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"Elka" Performs on the 6th of February...

Elka Eke comes from a colorful background of the Navy. The high seas friendship beyond death, strong co-operate and entrepreneurial upbringing. His father named him in honor of and after a shipmate friend who died at sea during his merchant navy days, his mum worked in various administrative capacities at Nigerian breweries for 18 years before retiring to concentrate on entrepreneurial  business.
The blend of discipline, adventure, stories and models of hard work meant a good education was the gateway and music the key. A Computer Scientist, he started singing seriously at age 20 while an undergraduate of Lagos state polytechnic. He is a singer as well as a rapper and draws inspiration from around him as cyber crime which was rampant in his neck of woods was not an option, he drew from love and pain. 
His performances are top of the line, very symbolic, well organized and very well enjoyed, clubs like Koko Lounge, Saipan and Road Runners can attest to his work as well as University of Lagos(Unilag), @elkasmusic as he is known on twitter has a video as well as a performance out on youtube.com( search elkamusic01).
This young artiste is in collaboration with ace producers Sossick and T Frizzle to name a few as he sets out to release his official singles Kilomo, Rider and Good Life. You can watch him perform live by 5pm at the sports center, Unilag, on the 6th of February, 2013.

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