Wednesday, 7 August 2013

22-Year-Old man attempts to sell girlfriend's baby online because of attention

A 22-Year-Old man has been arrested for attempting to sell his girlfriend's two-month-old baby because she was not paying him enough attention.

Paul Marquez has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and harassment after allegedly offered his partner's child online for $100 (£65).

Authorities say Marquez, 22, had been out with the baby's mother a few times but felt she was not paying him enough attention. They say he was angry with her so he posted the adverts with photos of her daughter on the Craigslist website.

The mother notified police after she received a phone call from a person offering to buy the baby on Craigslist.

The name of his girlfriend, Katie Devalle was also placed in the advert on the 'Baby and Kids' section of the website.

'The reason I decided to put this post was because I got bored and wanted to get a little laugh and a little kick out of it, but nothing serious', Marquez told police.

Marquez - who has a two-year-old child himself, is said to have met the mother online and dated her a few times.

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