Monday, 5 August 2013

Tosyn Bucknor explains the offside rule...or tries to!

Tosyn Bucknor has always been fascinated with football and prides herself as being a football fan and lover! One pesky rule in football is the offside rule which all guys seem to understand while girls guess. Well Tosyn understands the offside rule very well and has always wanted to break it down easily for girls. Afterall, her catchphrase is "Women love football too".

In this video, she explains the offside rule likening it to shopping. With Owen and Sheifunmi, she uses lipstick, a store and shopping to break the offside rule down. Or she tries to. There are loads of starts and stops as even she forgets her analysis sometimes.

In the end though, it is a fun, funny take on a popular rule in football that leaves several men at pubs, beer parlours, and viewing centres arguing over whether or not a goal was offside.
The video was shot after work at Top Radio 90.9 by Sisi Yemmi who also edited it.
So watch this video as Tosyn Bucknor tries to describe the offside rule, and see if you understand the rule. Or if she left you a little more confused.

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