Sunday, 30 June 2013

Woman’s Breast Implants Bursts After 4 Hours of iPhone Gaming

A 26-year-old Beijing woman's breast implant exploded after she spent four continuous hours lying on her stomach and playing video games on her cell phone.

The unidentified woman rushed to a hospital in Beijing after she suffered pain in her chest. On reaching the hospital she found that her breast implants had exploded due to lying on her chest for four contiguous hours while playing Dragon Summon on her iphone.

On proper examination, the doctors declared that the low quality of implant, combined with the prolonged pressure of lying on the stomach for an extended period of time led to the rupture of the breast implants.

The woman had undergone a breast augmentation surgery five years ago to boost her low self esteem. The doctors responded quickly and took out the ruptured implants before her condition got worse.

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