Wednesday, 21 May 2014

5 Things your man will never tell you

1. He finds your best friend/sister/mom attractive. If you think she's pretty, he probably does too.

2. He's scared of rats. He's going to suck it up and kill that giant rat that got into the room even though it freaks him out.

3. You two probably have a lot in common, but there are definitely one or two things he does just because it makes you happy. He will sit there and get excited about Africa Magic Yoruba, and he will take his hatred for it to his grave.

4. He's scared of the future. Making a five-year plan is scarier than rats, but only marginally scarier.

5. If you've gained weight. He will never touch this one. No matter how many ways you phrase, "I think I need to lose weight," he will change the subject. He will start a house fire just to avoid the subject.

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