Saturday, 24 May 2014

Elias Bar & Lounge opens at Ocean Bay Mall, Idejo

This is as 1st class, as any world class, bar, lounge and restaurant should be. Good area, fantastic ambiance, so very plush and well appointed that one would just luxuriate in the beauty of the place. That's not all, the services offered is top notch, with well trained staff members. 

The most fantastic part of the whole package is the food served, it's a mixture of well made continental dishes and light food that would whet one's appetite, any time ad any day. The bar guy is an expert mixologist that would impress in no small measure, with his delivery on cocktails and mixes. 

This 1st class place, where we have caught a glimpse of a few stars and celebs hanging out, with a few from the corporate world in that environs is aptly called 'Elias'. And it is located at the left wing of Ocean Bay Mall, on 24, Idejo Street, opposite the Lagoon Hospital, off Adeola Odeku on Victoria Island, in Lagos. The mall itself is just a stone throw from the famous Picolo Mondo on Idejo Street. 

The idea behind the place, is a place to wine, dine, relax and network in a convivial atmosphere, and they have a few super fantastic entertainment ideas up their sleeves to help keep their patrons totally titillated.

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