Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Surulere LGA: An Epitome of Grass root Governance

The entire people of Lagos state would be able to attest to the fact that Surulere Local Government Area has been one of the most distinguished Local Government Areas in the state and Nigeria at large. This can be confirmed by the infrastructural development carried out by the current LGA Chairman, Hon. Tajudeen Ajide.

Hon. Tajudeen Ajide, who was trained in Europe is  playing a very significant role in uplifting the face of Surulere Local Government Area since getting into office on October 2011. A lot of projects including construction of toilets and drainage, award of school materials and aids for students, construction of aesthetic facilities for the people, down to provision of free medical facilities as well as winning competitions with his formidable Surulere team around Lagos, the list is endless.

The dogged and shrewd man has had his fair share of injustice and set backs from anti-government officials whose sole aim is to embezzle public fund at the detriment of the populace, they have also resort to tarnishing the works and image of this administration using various means. This put together with some other reasons, necessitated the Creation of  an online platform to bring up suggestions and communication between the chairman Hon. Tajudeen Aside and the publicin other to bridge the gap between the governed and the government

Hon. Tajudeen Ajide who as it stands is most possibly the only Local Government Chairman in Lagos who is still a tenant, in his words "I feel its more important to serve the people as that's the major reason I came into office in the first place".

His projects and numerous achievement which can be confirmed by his numerous awards in his living room and office you can read and know more about him and his administration via his website., He could also be reached on twitter with And facebook on

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