Thursday, 10 January 2013

Black teenager punches woman after she calls him a 'smelly Nigerian'

After a black 19-year-old aspiring recording artist had apparently stepped on a woman's shoe but it not clear if the abusive woman has been harmed in the shaky mobile footage.

It is understood the pair began to abuse each other after she accused him of treading on her toe after getting on board the Underground service.
The footage begins with the woman, who appears to be in her 20s, saying: 'I wouldn't f***ing touch you. You are f***ing s*** on my shoe' and adding that her boyfriend is black, suggesting that this shows she was not being racist.
'He respects me,' she continues, after the boy had apparently insulted her appearance.
The teenager replies: 'OK white princess, queen, Kate Middleton!'

He criticises her 'lunatic antics' and calls her a 'smelly p**** b****', adding: 'How old are you, 28? I'm only 19.'
She expresses concern that 'b******s like you will steal from me' and calls him a 'smelly f***ing Nigerian.'
He becomes increasingly angry at her lack of remorse, asking: 'So first I pushed you, now I've tried to rob from you?' He compares her behaviour to something that would happen in America.
A moment later, she says: 'I don't care what I look like', apparently in response to another insult.
As the train pulls in to Moorgate, a fight breaks out, with the boy seen lunging at the woman, shouting, 'You hit me on the head with a bottle... you racist b****... looking at you, you f***ing escort. There are witnesses. Everyone seen, everyone heard!'
He is pulled away from her as voices are heard saying 'relax' and 'let her go'.
He appears to leave, adding: 'don't you ever touch me, don't you dare touch me.'

A Twitter user called Cidz Carnage, or @carnageofficial, wrote: "Oi some racist women was giving it to me today, then she hit me with a bottle then i f***** her over dumb bitch.
"Calling me a smelly african. wtf." The tweets were later taken down.
He also wrote: "Then having the audacity is hit me with a bottle."

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