Monday, 14 January 2013

WTF! Pastor Chris Okotie okays tattoos and plastic surgery

At a service held yesterday, Sunday January 13th at his church auditorium, Pastor Chris Okotie told his members that tattooing their body or even undergoing plastic surgery is not a sin before God. He said a lot of people misinterpret a scripture in the bible which is supposedly against body art and enhancement. He said getting tattoos and plastic surgery is an individual decision and has nothing to do with God.

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  1. TATTOOS: OKOTIE QUOTED OUT OF CONTEXT. Rev. Chris Okotie's comments on tattoos were a response to a question on the subject by a member who wanted the pastor to shed light on this phenomenon because it is now in vogue. He said that although it is the prerogative of Christains to do what they like with their bodies , they should however realise that God would still hold them accountable. The Pastor never intended his comment to be an endorsement of tattoos or any form of body enhancement . It is necessary that the context in which he spoke is clearly understood. Unfortunately , that is not the case, which is why we have to respond to the negative reactions we have seen from the internet. LADI AYODEJI; DIRECTOR, MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY