Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pathetic: Pictures Of The Nigerian Police College, Ikeja

The Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, Lagos State is the first in the country. In a recent video report by ChannelsTV, the very deplorable situation of the College is shown in the following images. While posting this, I cannot but wonder what our leaders have been doing. It is a big shame indeed upon the Nigerian government and all their supporters

You will see the male dormitory 10, constructed in 1940 by colonial masters with its incredibly hellish looks (yes, it looks like hell). The toilets are abhorrent and the bathrooms? I wonder how they manage to take their baths in there.

You will also see some students urinating at the back of the building where the drainage system has broken down completely.

Here, police recruits will spend 13 months for training. In 2013, a sum of N311 billion naira has been budgeted for the Nigerian Police. Enu kalokalo naa ni gbogbo re n lo. There are 7 police colleges in Nigeria and a total of 18,500 constables graduated as at December 2012.

The College once had an Olympic-size swimming pool which is now a breeding ground for toads. It used to win medals for shooting all over West Africa but there is no shooting range anymore.

According to Jonah Mavah, the Deputy Commandant of the College, there has been no major development since establishment except for some few renovations.

The College itself was built for 700 students but today, it contains 2,554.

As for the library, the Staff says they cannot remember the last time books were supplied to the library which is full of museum pieces and antiquities called books bought in the 1970s.

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Photo credit: Channels TV

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