Friday, 19 April 2013


Channel.M1 is Africa’s Largest Web TV, Proudly Nigerian with an International Outlook with great excitement presents INNOVATION AWARDS 2013.

“A yearly ceremony to recognize outstanding performances in innovation by corporate organizations and individuals in their respective fields”

In its maiden awards ceremony it would cover the following business and operational fields as its award focus…
"E-Banking, Telecommunications, ISP Operators, Online & Offline Media, Airlines, Hotels, Insurance and Outstanding Business Leaders"

The target for this year’s award ceremony:

We hope to use this forum to congratulate organizations and individuals for their innovative contribution in the economy and the people of Nigeria and to inspire them for more achievements.

The Award Ceremony Aftermath
We hope to use this forum to set a series of events that would add value to the lives of youths in the following:
Providing role models and mentors that would train exceptional future innovators in various fields which include political, industrialization and the arts.

Create and raise standards in the area of innovation.

Date: Sunday 28th, April 2013
Venue: Ember Creek: 32 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Time: 4pm (Red Carpet)

Entrance: by invitation.

For more information please visit:     

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