Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Movie Trailer: The Gods Are Still Not To Blame

A child has just been born to king Adedoyin, while the naming ceremony is in progress, the leading clergy goes into a trance and proclaims that the baby will kill his father and marry his mother. While still trying to grapple with the situation, the traditional leader enters and proclaims the child as an unlucky messenger of the gods. 

The child is taken to Cameroon in order to avert the Prophecy. Twenty eighty years later, the child is also told the same prophecy Which makes him leave Cameroon for Nigeria in order to deter the prophecy but instead leads him to fulfill the prophecy. Noteworthy is that the movie takes an existentialist stance at the role of man in the fulfillment of his destiny and upholds the view that man, rather than the Supreme Force should be blamed for the consequence of his actions. It is the opinion of the director that if the baby had been allowed to live and grow up with his parents instead of living with foster parents in a foreign land probably, the prophecy would not have been fulfilled. 

Even if he killed and raped his mother or forced his mother, it would never have resulted in a marriage. The movie is instructive, educative, didactic, thrilling and topical.

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