Monday, 8 April 2013

Facebook loses millions of users in Africa.

Facebook has lost almost one million South African users in the last three months, according to social media monitoring firm SocialBakers.

The country saw a decline of 16.67 per cent, with 922,940 users leaving the site. In just the last week, 289,240 South Africans deserted Facebook, 5.22 per cent of total South African users.

South Africa is 32nd in SocialBaker’s ranking of countries according to Facebook users, with 5.537 million users, making up 11.3 per cent of the population.

In the rest of Africa, the country with the most users, Egypt, added 146,240 users to increase to 13.01 million, though Nigeria lost 1.28 million users.

The United States, though it still has more Facebook users than any other country, saw saw 3.714 million users leave the social networking site. Japan, meanwhile, 20th on the list, saw 30.3 per cent of its users leave the site, totalling 3.981 million people.

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