Monday, 22 April 2013

TV anchor suspended: News anchor drops the F-Word on first newscast

A TV anchor has been suspended from KFYR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, ND, after not having a very successful first broadcast. Airing on the night of Sunday, April 21, 2013, A.J. Clemente was set to go on the air for his first news broadcast and must not have realized that his microphone was on according to RadarOnline.

A mere fifteen seconds into his first every broadcast, Clemente exclaimed:

"F*****G sh*t!"

Clemente was looking down and fiddling with his mic at the time he said it, but his co-anchor went straight into the news and continued on. Van Tieu, Clemente's co-anchor, went on and introduced her new co-anchor, but he may not be there for very long.

“You may have seen our newest reporter A.J. on North Dakota News, and he’ll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor,” she said.

Clemente was suspended by the station shortly after the broadcast aired on Sunday night, and then gave an apology to viewers on Facebook. The TV anchor, now suspended, on the other hand, took to Twitter with a simple message.

"That couldn't have gone any worse!" Clemente tweeted.

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