Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nigerian Idol 3: Jay Feel & Abasiakan's Eviction Party

It was announced on Saturday March 31 that Jay Feel and Abasiakan were leaving the Nigerian
Idol 3! It turned out to be an Easter shock wave for everyone! The duo had given their best… 
Jay Feel with his showmanship and Abasiakan with his engaging style of delivery. But alas, 
they were voted out. 

For the last time, the duo shared the cameras with contestants at an eviction party. ‘Better than 
the Best’ singer, Waconzy, was guest artiste at the party while Nigerian pop singer, Slam, 
showed up to surprise the contestants. It was a poignant night. Moses, Debbie Rise and 
Safeeyat made sure the evictees had some fun, but it was obvious that Jay Feel and Abasiakan 
would be sorely missed.

Now, the grand finale is closer than ever, as the Nigerian Idol 3, brought to you by Etisalat Nigeria, 
is now at its Top 3 stage with Moses, Debie Rise and Safeeyat. Would a female, once again, 
be the next Idol or would Moses break the jinx?

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