Friday, 20 December 2013

Jewel Suite at New York Palace Hotel where you get a Diamond Ring for Checking In

Have a spare $25,000 (N3,900,000) in your pocket? Then consider checking into the New York Palace Hotel's 5,000-square-foot Jewel Suite, designed by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz. The over-the-top homage to bling is part of the hotel's $140 million upscale renovation.

Each visitor who books the superluxe suite in midtown Manhattan will also go home with a Martin Katz-designed diamond band ring, worth $2,500. That's 10 percent of what you just paid for one night's shelter, but hey — what is money for, if not to be spent?

What do you get for your $25,000 besides a shiny souvenir?

The suite takes up three floors, 53 floors up, and includes a "20-foot 'diamond waterfall' chandelier and 'floating' crystal jewel boxes encasing distinctive jewelry creations by Martin Katz," according to the hotel's press release. Other posh pluses: views of the city from a private spa on a rooftop terrace and a wood-burning fireplace indoors.

Travelers who stay at the suite can also arrange to meet with the Beverly Hills jeweler for private showings, consultations, and custom jewelry designs free of Charge.

Guests also get an Ultimate Proposal Package, which includes a stay in the Jewel Suite, a private consultation with the designer on a custom-made engagement ring or wedding band, and a private meal for two served on the rooftop terrace. Rates begin at a whopping $50,000 per night, based on the custom jewel pieces.

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