Saturday, 21 December 2013

Please Help Helen Beat Chronic Kidney Disease

FIVE years ago, Mrs. Helen Ohazurike was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. A full housewife, Helen, 34, is in dire need of  N7 million for kidney transplant.

She was first diagnosed with acute high blood pressure at Ikeja General Hospital, Ayinke House, Lagos. She was managing the ailment when suddenly she suffered from stroke and was thereafter referred to the Neurology Department of the hospital for further treatment. 

 But her health kept deteriorating and she was referred to undergo some tests. After comprehensive checks, she was diagnosed with acute renal failure, a chronic kidney disease associated with reduction in urine output.

Helen’s husband, Mr. Isaac Ohazurike, narrated the agony his ailing wife, mother of his three children, is passing through: “ She was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure at Ikeja General Hospital. We were told her kidney has been damaged and we were managing the ailment until last year when we were referred to the Dialyzer Specialist Medical Centre for haemodialysis since the hospital does not have the facility”.

But they could not afford the money until July this year. “We had to raise money to begin the haemodialysis because she couldn’t produce urine anymore and couldn’t go to the toilet too. She started feeling uncomfortable. We were told at the dialysis centre she had to start as soon as possible. On every visit to the centre since we cannot afford the admission fee, we spend at least N50,000 and she must take at least a bag of blood but most times, she takes two.

 “This process she must undergo twice every week. But from July till now, we have only being able to go for 10 dialysis due to funds because every week, we don’t spend anything less than N100,000,” he bemoaned.

A report by the Medical Director of Dialyzers Medical Centre, Oshodi, Lagos, I.T Olaoye on Helen’s condition, states: “The patient is a known hypertensive diagnosed five years ago  with symptoms of reduction in urinary output, increased salivation, vomiting of recently ingested feed and hiccups. 

“A diagnosis of chronic End Stage Renal Disease was made and she was commenced on maintenance haemodialysis with anaemic therapy where she has had 10 sessions so far here in our facility. 

“Helen will benefit from renal transplantation in a hospital in India where she would be in need of N7million for the surgery. The fee includes donor/ recipient compatibility testing, transportation and the immunosuppressant medications for one year”. 

Pleading for help to save Helen, her husband said: “All the money I have and made from my business on sale of sign post materials I have pumped it all into my wife’s health. I have now resorted to borrowing that I don’t even have an idea on how to pay the debts. I am appealing to the kind hearted Nigerians to help please help save my wife so that she can live to take care of her three children. Please help!”

Readers who wish to help Helen can send their donations to:

Account name: Ohazurike Helen Chinyere

Account number: 0140325660

Bank: GTbank

Phone: 08034124994, 08035642826

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