Wednesday, 4 December 2013

VIDEO: TOKE MOMENTS - When a woman is fed up..... The signs!

Watch another episode of Toke Moments.....This week, Toke has a present for the guys, watch 5 signs, that woman is fed up.

"I'm tired of seeing men who have good women but don't just realize it. Some men will not know even if you hit them with thunder and lightning...they just will not realize. Some men have diamonds, girls who would do anything, she takes care of home, she's loyal to you, she tells you the truth, she's your buddy, she's your friend, someone who wants the best for you, but it's a lie, these men believe somewhere in their head that the sun rises and sets on their behind but me I've got news for you o... every woman has a breaking point. That mumu that you think does not know what's up, that mumu that you think all she does is cry and beg you to love day mumu sef will open eyes"

Some of Toke's signs are: 1. When your woman no longer argues with you. 2. If she's no longer jealous. 3. If she doesn't want your attention any more.

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